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There are more than 35 million people in the world are blind, and another 15 million are consider to have a visual impairment. when discussing blindness or visual impairment, many different VISUAL IMPAIRMENT -  THE DISABILITY HISTORY terms are used to describe varying degrees of vision loss. according to the national information center for children and youth with a disability , low vision and legal blindness can be define in the following ways:

1. low vision refer to a severe visual impairment, not necessary limited to distance vision. low vision applies to all individual with sight who are unable to read the newspaper at a normal viewing distance, even with the aid of eyeglasses or contact lenses

2. legally blind indicates that a person has less than 20/20 vision in the better eye or very limited field of vision

3. visual impairment is the condition of having some usable vision. people withe severe visual impairment cannot read newspaper with glasses, visual impairment also include conditions such as tunnel vision and color blindness. people who have congenital blindness have been without sight early child hood or birth. people who have adventitious blindness lost their sight later in life.

Suggestion To Improve Access And Positive Interaction

1. To guide a person with who is blind let him or her take your arm. i\f you encounter steps, curbs or other obstacles identify them and pause briefly before proceeding

2. Speak directly-to that person in a normal tone and speed

3. Do not pet or play with a working guide or service dog

4. When entering or leaving the room say so

5 W,hen a person who have a visual impairment is meeting many people, introduce them individual

6. Promote displays or other objects, avoid clutter, use large letters signs, raise low hanging signs or lights

7. Use alternative formats written materials
8. Use dark colors on white paper when writing anything down for someone who has trouble seeing. I know this helps me to see something on paper. Especially Black Markers.

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